I hate to admit I have a blog.

Andrew Davidson, December 2016

The site contents sways from text-based rants to photo galleries and video snippets, depending on the primary personal archiving funnel I felt like using that moment. Newest at the top, you may have to scroll down to the 1990's, where I host pre-internet content that deserves some bandwidth. All content is highly personal, highly volatile, and probably absurdly dull if you don't know Andrew Davidson of Philadelphia (OG: Flourtown). Photos are taken by me, videos are shot by me, downloads are designed by me, and text is definitely authored by me. I'm trying to clear older blog content that I did not create (rather collected), but still host scanned items and defunct user manuals out of spite. In the interest of hiding this pages' sheer weight, each year must be clicked to display the long-ish list of posts from that year. We're trying to set the (minimum viable) bar of a personal all-static HTML website, so our URL's won't have to change ever again, and our content should be forever accessible from any device.


    Links to my Pratt Institute Undergraduate Film / Video Projects, with embedded viewers to look at my college video and film work. I cringe at the poor acting, sloppy editing, and low-res graphics on these, but remember how tedious the technology was at the time.

  • The Balcony (1992) 11'25 RT

    [Unfinished] Set in Paris during the German blitz during World War 2, an English Spy converts an enemy spy while disposing of another without lifting a finger.

  • My Brother - 30 sec. P.S.A. (1992) 00'36 RT

    Familial love and obligations also influence children to try drugs, too.

  • Dead (1991) 08'44 RT

    Two glimpses of a future wherein one dies famous, the other in poverty.

  • Chess (1991) 25'47 RT

    An American and Russian student find themselves head-to-head in a chess tournament, where their internal struggles become external national rebellion.

  • Where Are The Next Big Directors (1991) 15'26 RT

    In this tongue-in-cheek comedy, two inept directors interview local art school film student directors ineffectively and must cut corners to finish the project.

  • Travels (1990) 04'20 RT

    Stream-of-consciousness trip of film footage.

  • Trials And Punishment (1990) 03'40 RT

    In a futuristic trial, a man is convicted and sentenced to a horrific punishment.

  • As Yet Untitled (1989) 14'56 RT

    An infatuated hacker uses his leet skills to nuke the world when he is scorned by a girl who dates his best friend.

  • The Successful Pickup (1989) 06'55 RT

    A young writer regales us with his pickup skills at a party with a surprise ending.

Site Mantra

I'd like that this site outlive me, and act as a digital repository of my life and ramblings. Currently it weighs around 10gb (damn MP3 files) and should cost very little to mirror and host for a lifetime and more. All pages are static HTML, well linked, and checked (occasionally). There is very little external javascript used, and no libraries. Images are already compressed repeatedly for tiniest file sizes.

Editorial Guide
  1. Hosting pictures and scans are fine, assuming we did them.
  2. Commentary on old print work is acceptable.
  3. Reposting images are a no-no, even if well grouped - don't host other people's content!
  4. Defunct user manuals in PDF format are acceptable (if we own the product), add a ton of metadata to the link to ensure EOL support.
  5. Rule 5