7-11: Same Cost, Reduced Value (or Where's my 7 ounces of soda!)

By Andrew Davidson
on April 29, 2010

I've posted before about my predilection toward Diet Coke, and how much I loathe the caffeine monkey on my back. I somehow still manage to scrounge up $1.60 in change for the XXL-sized Double Gulp fountain soda at the nearby 7-11. (Caveat: if you read my previous posting, I realize I'm gambling with fountain sodas)

Today's outing was met with a slightly stouter and clear plastic cup I was not used to. Besides also being a full inch shorter than the usual size cup (it also fit much better in the fountain) I assumed it was wider at the bottom in order to hold the equal amount of liquid (supposedly 64oz).

7-11 Double Gulp Cups - now in 2 sizes?

New Hotness on the left, Old & Busted to the right

When I got home I could compare the old and new against each other, and was dismayed to find the bottom not nearly as wide as expected. It looks like the new cup held less, yet they still charged me the old rate!

Scientific Testing

I filled up the older cup to the brim with water. You can see it's reflection slightly in the upper photo. I then poured it into the new cup until it was filled to the brim. The leftover (if there was any) would be measured. The results are below:

7-11 Double Gulp Cups - and the leftover 7 ounces....

(Dirty) measuring cup with 7 ounces of leftover liquid from transfer!

According to sources online, including 7-11 corporate, the Double Gulp holds 64 ounces of liquid refreshment, twice the standard 'Gulp' size at 32oz, and also twice the size most humans can hold in their stomach at one time as well.

The new obviously mislabeled 'Double Gulp' cups suggest a servings size of 64 ounces, but in fact offer 57 ounces. At a retail price of $1.59, it bumps the small margin of 2.48¢ per ounce up to 2.78¢.

Another sad day for inexpensive bubbled water!