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Included With Every Order

Professional Remastering

Every microcassette conversion begins with a thorough tape inspection for damage and tape warp, before it's played back on our transcription deck. The audio signal is digitized using a professional grade audio card before our audio engineers do some post-processing on the results. We remove the inherent tape hiss, trim the tracks, amplify and even the levels before re-mastering it back onto redbook-audio CD's. We use top-rated CD media to ensure a high-caliber and highly-compatible product. Each CD gets marked with simple, easy-to-read identification, then stored in a paper sleeve.

A Bit of History

The Microcassette is an audio storage medium introduced by Olympus in 1969. It uses the same width of magnetic tape as the Compact Cassette but in a much smaller container (1.3" x 2" x .3"), and recorded in mono and at slower tape speeds to get comparable recording times. Microcassettes have commonly been used for recording voice, in dictation machines and answering machines. While there are still some manufacturers of microcassette recorders and blank tapes even today, being able to share your conversations with friends and family is easier when you use our service.

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Conversion Experience

Under Design was founded in 1992, working in many media forms integrating design into real-world applications. We have over 20 years of experience in digital recording, multi-media development, audio compression and digital encoding. We use top-of-the-line professionally maintained equipment to ensure quality transfers at an affordable price. You can also take a look at what some of our satisfied customers are saying about their new digital conversions! Use our service to archive your legacy microcassette tapes onto digital CD's!

Archivists Welcome!

If you have a large digital conversion or archiving project for your university, corporation, government agency or just an intricate order that requires a person, contact us here at Under Design and we'll be glad to help you out! We can handle all sorts of custom orders, and offer bulk discounts that fit your budget.

No Charge for Blank Microcassettes!

Now including Shipment Tracking

US Postman holding oversize Tracking Sticker We're already big fans of the United States Postal Service and it's Media Mail rate. They've recently upgraded their internal computer systems to support Package Tracking, and now we include it as a standard feature with all of our Return Shipping. After we've shipped your job back to you, we'll email you a tracking number and instructions on how to monitor it's commute back to your home.

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Order Online and Pay With Credit Card

Microcassette to CD

Save your memories onto certified CD media sure to last 20+ years! You are responsible for packing and shipping your Microcassettes to us, we suggest using USPS Media Mail rate, as it's appropriate and inexpensive. We'll send you a reminder email to send your Microcassettes once we receive your order. After you checkout with PayPal, please review our detailed shipping instructions for packing your media. All orders should receive an email notification from PayPal and Under Design.

Microcassette to CD Audio Conversion
$28 / Tape
CD of recorded digital audio from customer-submitted audio Microcassette, on a plain white CD-R with black printing delivered in a White Paper Sleeve with a replacement guarantee. If Microcassette runtime requires multiple discs (CD's have a maximum of 80 minutes), there will be no extra cost.
MP3 Copy to Download Immediately!
We'll create MP3 files of your Microcassette and make them available to you to download even before you get your conversion back in the mail, for instant gratification! These files will be zipped in an archive, and a download link will be sent to your email.
Return Shipping & Handling
USPS Media Mail Flat Rate Return shipping (with Tracking) to any US Destination for your Microcassettes and our CD Conversions.
Microcassette to CD Transfers Needed

Order by U.S. Mail and Pay with Check

Download Order Form

Download and print our PDF order form, which has all of our available digital conversion services (and simple flat-rate pricing) in one simple-to-use form. You can calculate return shipping costs and bulk discounts for a simple predictable estimate for your archiving project. Use our order form for:

  • Multiple media type orders (Microcassette Tapes along with LP's, VHS, etc.)
  • No Credit Card or you prefer to pay by Check or Money Order

Simply pack our completed order form along with your media and ship it to us using the U.S. Postal Service's Media Mail rate, for the lowest shipping rates! We'll notify you by email once it arrives.

Schedule To Drop Off Your Conversion

Live in the Philadelphia Area?

Save the hassle of shipping (and the horrific possibility of lost packages!) by scheduling a 30 minute window to drop off your Conversion Job at our offices in West Philly during business hours (Tuesday through Friday from Noon until 6pm). We have survived the past few years of the Covid lockdown and are back to accepting in person drop off conversion work using our scheduler assistant Cal.com; An email address is required, and you'll be reminded automatically two hours before your appointment.