Everything is Under Design.

We design everything we can get our hands on. With the marketing smarts of an ad agency, the technical know-how of an interactive firm and the creative soul of a design firm, we're able to bring substantial savings to any project thanks to our mastery of digital technology. Most of our efforts are devoted to our own selection of customer services, delightful products, and other creative outlets, making this site an endless creative portal of content.

Support Requests

We handle all customer support via email, simply respond to any one of our email notifications with any online order and we'll handle your issue at our next business opportunity. All of our most common digital conversion questions have already been answered on our F.A.Q., and you can contact us from that page if you don't find your answer!

Under Design Logo 2005-2020
Our Logo 2005-2020

Company History

Under Design was founded in 1992 by sole proprietor Andrew Davidson as a catch-all for branding his early print graphic designs. Initially the designs were funneled to offset CMYK gang-run printing, but with experience, applied it to web printing, periodical publishing, and digital 8-color printing as technology adapted.

We have been designing for the world wide web since 1996, with Netscape as an early partner. We continue to handle all forms of electronic marketing and social media (email, websites, online video). Our web designs have matured from HTML 2.0 to HTML5 device-agnostic mobile-ready, while still staying whisper-thin and load quickly with no unnecessary libraries to weigh down your browsing experience.

We've grown and changed as technology has adapted to allow us to continue to serve a nationwide group of customers with our audio conversion services (Vinyl LP to CD, Tape to CD, Digital Audio Tape (DAT) to CD, MicroCassette to CD, MiniDisc to CD, Reel-to-Reel to CD, CD to MP3, and [new] DVD to MP4).

We hate to admit we have a blog, and we post occasionally with original content that might be of interest to friends and family, or sometimes even complete strangers.

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