Andrew Davidson, December 2016

I hate to admit I have a blog.

The site contents sways from text-based rants to photo galleries and video snippets, depending on the primary personal archiving funnel I felt like using that moment. Newest at the top, you may have to scroll down to the 1990's, where I at least host pre-internet content that deserves some bandwidth. All content is highly personal, highly volatile, and probably absurdly dull if you don't know Andrew Davidson of Philadelphia. Photos are probably taken by me, videos are probably shot by me, and text is definitely authored by me. I'm trying to clear older blog content that I did not create, rather collected, but still host scanned items and defunct user manuals out of spite. In the interest of hiding the sheer weight of this page, each year must be clicked to display the long(-ish) list of posts from that year - don't let the slim listings from this year fool you, I was once prolific, although anything crossed out probably doesn't work, and is being relinked (eventually).