Free Dr. Who 'Tardis' Papercraft Model


Something I whipped up while binge-watching may favorite BBC import: Dr. Who! You'll note I just started to guess the size and shape, and my first pass looked OK, but not as accurate as I'd like (I found a bunch of tiny mistakes). Download our PDF, print 2 copies on thick paper, and cut out all the parts. Check our fold lines (red lines means fold down), and use white glue to deliberately build the box using 4 sides and overhanging edge beams, and the roof in 2 passes. In my pictured example, I have used a 10mm blue LED and a 3v battery inside to mimic the top light, but you may use paper only with our design. I also like to cut out the windows and put tissue paper behind them for a realistic 'in use' glowing effect (another LED inside helps reinforce this).