24 Reasons to Smoke Marijuana

By Andrew Davidson
on December 16, 2019

I was perusing my old bookmarks, and stumbled across this ancient (now long-lost to link rot) article from 2006 that I liked enough to bookmark; published December 22, 2006 on http://questionthemark.org/ it was not too hard to find a Wayback Machine copy, and update the terrible HTML stylings of the old post. I see a handful of the old links are also dead, and I might try and find time to relink more recent articles that support each item.

  1. Nobody has ever died from smoking pot.
  2. Marijuana users report less depression
  3. Marijuana does not cause emphysema, unlike tobacco.
  4. Marijuana does not cause cancer (and if you \ smoke it you are actually slightly less likely to get cancer)
  5. THC actually helps cleanse the lungs, preventing tumors
  6. Daily marijuana use doesn’t damage your brain.
  7. There has never been a study to link marijuana with psychological problems, though it’s not for a lack of trying.
  8. Marijuana is NOT a gateway drug.
  9. Marijuana fights hardened arteries
  10. Marijuana has both stalled the growth of and eliminated brain tumors in rats. Such an experiment has yet to be done on humans.
  11. Not that herd mentality is a good reason, but you’re not alone. Marijuana is the US’s number one crop.
  12. Sex gets a whole lot better
  13. 15 million people smoke it a month (US only).
  14. Large U.S. study finds that marijuana laws (both recreational & medical) appear to significantly reduce prescription opioid use.
  15. Marijuana can prevent blindness.
  16. Marijuana can prevent migraines.
  17. Marijuana is less addictive than caffeine. There is no physical addiction but a slight mental addiction can develop.
  18. In 1977 the DEA wanted to decriminalize marijuana. When the government, which has tried for so long to prove that marijuana is harmful, admits that it really isn't, shouldn't that tell you something?
  19. Haven’t you always wanted to be able to laugh at Pauly Shore?
  20. Because legality isn’t a good enough reason for you to not smoke. Slavery was once legal and sodomy was once illegal; legality is a horrid barometer for morality.
  21. Because getting “high” isn’t “bad.” Though you may not realize it, eating meat or candy or fried foods or vegetables or drinking coffee, tea, or soda all effect your mental state. All of these things can make you “high.”
  22. Because we don’t yet know all of the benefits of marijuana; the government has tried for years to prove that it is harmful and has consistently failed. Very few studies have explored its benefits.
  23. Because you would be in the company of Louis Armstrong, The Beatles, Bob Denver, Bill Clinton, George Bush (okay, never mind him), famous scientist Carl Sagan, Michael Bloomberg, Lewis Carroll, George Washington Carver, Salvador Dali, Al Gore, Steve Jobs, John Kennedy, John Wayne, and George Washington.
  24. Because it feels good and it doesn't hurt anyone.