Advice from a Tree Free PDF Download

By Andrew Davidson
on April 22, 2020


Advice from a Tree
8.5"x11" PDF File
Download 78kb

Looking for Office Pranks?

Advice from a Tree-Stand Tall and Proud-Go Out On A Limb-Remember Your Roots-Drink Plenty of Water-Be Content In Your Natural Beauty-Enjoy the View

Happy 50th Anniversary to Earth Day today!

If you’ve been stumped for tree advice, hopefully these will provide some re-leaf by printing this PDF file on some loose leaf paper! Don't worry about wasting too much paper. Trees are easy to catch, as all they can do is lumber around. And you know what they say when they get cut down? I’m stumped.

Inspired by this image found trolling the internet, it seemed an excellent opportunity to recreate this downloadable PDF file (78kb) for our blog readers on this 50th Anniversary of Earth Day today.

Special Thanks to ShrinkPDF, who compressed my downloadable PDF file by 90% and to my friends at TinyPNG, who easily shaved more than two thirds off that image, making this page load fast!