Recordio 78rpm Record 'Album' to Safely Store your Collection - Jacket Artwork from Wilcox-Gay

I'd been sent two 78's records from a customer looking to capture and recover the audio off them, and they came in this fantastic 'picture album' for 78rpm records. The cardboard cover held a series of 4 envelope craft paper record slipcovers (for LP's measuring only 8" in diameter) for a multitude of 78's to be stored in one 'book' package. I scanned the classic outer artwork, and post them here for your enjoyment and a quick trip down memory lane...

A Bit of History

This is from the 1940's or 50's and was manufactured by the Wilcox-Gay Corporation (stop giggling!) in Charlotte, Michigan. In the late 30's Wilcox-Gay introduced the Recordio instant record cutters both for consumer use and also in the form of record cutting booths that were installed in stores. They closed for business in 1960. We've posted other Recordio Disc art before on our blog.

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Front Cover

Inside Front Cover

Inside Back Cover

Back Cover