I'm Gonna Have To Give Up The News

By Andrew Davidson
on May 7, 2020

I hate the news. Lately, it has been all bad news: Rampant Cronyism, Inept Government, Fake News, Big Billionaires Screwing the Little Man, I get it.

I am not alone. Mr. Money Mustache gave it up well before 2013 with this post 'The Low Information Diet'. Aaron Swartz of Reddit fame announced his disdain for the news all the way back in 2006. The New York Times profiled Erik Hagerman in 2018, who defiantly gave up the news after Trump's election. Finally, David Cain at Raptitude gives you 5 reasons why to follow suit. I won't even begin to mention how negative news distorts our thinking, showing a deeper effect that you might have imagined.


I don't know why it's taken me so long to drum up these resounding opinions to remind me of what's important. Maybe I'l revisit this topic again in the future to see if it takes.

Must be confirmation bias, here's some updated links added on May 25th: Calvin Rosser has another few good retorts to those who wonder why we need the news, and I just found Joesph Well's 'Why You Should Stop Watching the News - and what you should do instead' which has a thoughtful analysis and good alternatives to pick up.