Four Loko Alcopop Taste Test #3 - Lemon Lime, Fruit Punch Flavor Review

By Andrew Davidson
on November 29, 2010

First, I realize this post is published too late, as Four Loko creator Phusion Projects has declared in the national news that they'll be removing the caffeine from Four Loko (along with the 2 other energy ingredients). This makes this post a hint of bittersweet ending, for I finally found a flavor I liked!

So in keeping with it, here's links to the eight flavors of Four Loko I've tried and reviewed (along with links to the respective stories), along with the last two reviews, Fruit Punch and Lemon Lime, that are underneath. As an added benefit, we've included video instructions for making your own home-brew Four Loko, now that it's no longer available from your local retailer...

Lemon Lime Four Loko

I'd hadn't been aware of this flavor (it was never available at the local bodega). Kelsey (a commenter) on another post had claimed it was 'her favorite'. So, when a 12-pack of this flavor was delivered by my Beer Distributor (the day after the FDA ban!), I was happy to try it.

First surprise, on the can it lists blue dye as an ingredient. That's odd. I can understand yellow, but blue? When I poured it out, the result it obvious, a grass-green clear liquid with tiny bubbles of fermentation.

The Taste

When you bring it to your lips, it smells a but funky (malty lemon?), but tastes so smooth. Sweet lemon and hint of fake lime flavor, for a tiny acidic tongue-twisting tang. No obvious malt liquor or alcohol flavors. This drink might be a bit too fermented, as the bubbles have bite, and this along with the acidic flavor do a great job of masking the potent alcohol inside.

Overall, I'm impressed. This flavor is indeed pretty good. It's color is a bit strange (and not many people drink green liquids often), but the punch and extra energy ingredients make this flavor a winner!

Four Loko Fruit Punch

There's a picture of the drink in the glass to the right, and you should note it looks more orange, due to the flash of the camera. It's certainly a dainty pink color, nothing you'd be caught drinking in the open, I'd hope. If you leave it in the can, no one would be the wiser. Of course, the dreaded Sparks Tongue may be the end result.

The Flavor (Delicious!)

I can't believe how much I like this flavor. The scent is a bit much (stank, dank malt liquor odor comes off the top of the glass), but the flavor is sweet and delicious. You can barely taste the liquor in this mix!

Overall, it's the classic Fruit Punch you remember as a Kid, maybe not as pungent a flavor, but a bit more subtle, with fizzy bubbles in it to add texture. The liquor flavor is pretty well masked by the fake flavoring and perfect fermentation.

Also, the new can design doesn't hide it's origins: it now declares on the side as a 'Flavored Malt Liquor'.

We have a Flavor Winner!

I'd choose a Fruit Punch over a Lemon Lime in the imaginary cooler, but as you can expect to see available sources dribble to a halt (before being replaced with a poor non-energy version). So long, energy-infused malt-liquor drinks! I'll miss you!