Beware of Log - Free PDF Download Joke Sign!

By Andrew Davidson
on December 9, 2018

Imaginary conversation between two door-to-door salesmen as they approach a house with this sign out front.

Salesman #1: Wait. This one's got a ... Log?
Salesman #2: A Log? Not a Dog?
Salesman #1: Yeah, it looks like a Beware of Dog sign where the D faded away.
Salesman #2: No, that's not faded. It's intentional; Log.
Salesman #1: Beware of Log?
Salesman #2: I suppose so.
Salesman #1: Do you think they're talking about that piece of wood by the door?
Salesman #2: It does look about the size of a Log.
Salesman #1: Is it chained to the house?
Salesman #2: I think it is!
Salesman #1: Um. Do you hear that bark?
Salesman #2: We should skip this house.
Salesman #1: Did that Log just roll over?
Salesman #2: Run!

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Beware of Log
8.5"x11" PDF File
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First of the Misread Signs Series of free downloads. Inspired by this generic sign seen everywhere in the world, but ours fits on letter sized sheets and costs nothing! Cut off the white edges if you're a perfectionist, and like wasting logs.

Oh, they do exist!