Cubbyhole Inception Free PDF Template Design for Ikea Expedit/Kallax Units - PDF Download

By Andrew Davidson
on July 19, 2018

I ♥ Ikea, and ♥ their Expedit Kallax line of shelving, mostly because they hold vinyl records really well as well as being excellent room dividers. Looking to maximize my shelf space, I'd quickly designed this tabloid sized template (that's 11"x17" paper!) for transposing the simple design to 10 pieces of foamcore or coroplast sheets, then assembling into a 16-grid mini-cubbies (each measuring 3⅛"2 and 9" deep) for a cubbyhole inception. Cubbies inside of cubbies.


You'll need access to a tabloid-sized laser printer, my local copy shop had it, and only charged a buck a black and white print. You can use the template endlessly to make 10 copies onto ⅛" thick material. Assemble bottom up, each shelf acts as a base and a side, assuming you feed them teeth-first at 90° offset. A bead of material-appropriate glue along each seem as you work up will add untold strength and durability. I also use packing tape circumventing the outside edges of the cubby unit to ensure it stays together, even though the wood shelves add a lot of support.

Special thanks to ShrinkPDF for tossing 95% of the garbage in the file for much tinier PDF files in one visit, and TinyPNG for compressing my graphics for quick downloads.