Cigarbox Light Switch Cover for Dummies!

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How to Make a Light Switch Cover

  1. Measure the Cigar Box. You'll need the length, width and depth. Mine happened to be 6" deep, 1" tall, and 8.875" wide. Since I only have to cover the top and one side, the amount of artwork you need to make is less, plus you don't need to use huge oversize prints.
  2. Remove the front clasp on the Cigar Box. On the back (bottom) of the box, use the current light switch cover to mark where the holes will be for the inside - it should be dead center. You can cut for traditional flip switch or the decora flap switches. Also punch holes where the old screws are, as you'll use this to hold the unit onto the wall. My box was thin wood, so a simple xacto knife was all I needed to get through cleanly.
  3. Paint the entire sides and inside white. You can avoid the top, bottom, and the hinge side, as their hidden and covered from view. Allow to dry, check you can open and close the box still. If it's a bit sticky, that's good, as it'll tend to stay closed. I found the previous branding of the cigar box showed through my white paint, so I covered the insides with white stickers, cut to fit the insides perfectly. This gives a cleaner interior appearance, but is strictly optional.
  4. Copy the basic Book Jacket designs for the 'For Dummies' series. You can use the Official online version, or simply mock one up in your favorite graphics application. If you want to DIY:
  1. Print your Final Cover Artwork (or use mine) onto crack-n-peel sticker stock, so we can simply apply to the box, no need for an additional gluing step. I also put a sheet of clear plastic contact paper over the print to offer some protection and gloss to the final product. Cut to size, then stick to the cigar box. Trim the edges on the top and sides, then replace the old light switch with your new 'protected from dummies' cover by screwing it down with the old screws.
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Why Make a Light Switch Cover