Emergency Phone - Art Prank

By Andrew Davidson
on September 18, 2018


I won't even mention the novelty of a land-line being any sort of saving feature in an emergency situation (no mind what Hollywood may make you believe), but our delightfully attention grabbing red phone with crisp white 'Emergency Phone' lettering running down the handset is just begging to be picked up. For what emergency it might be used for, and considering the lack of a dial-pad, any casual observer would assume it must be operator assisted. It's only upon the curious lifting of the bright red handset that the blue warning LED pops to life, signifying that 'If Lit, Do Not Have Emergency Here'. The silence on the hand-set only confirms it's utter uselessness in any situation.


Inspired by this unobtrusive signage correction on an out of order phone, this non-working display only does one thing: light up the bright blue LED with every lift of the receiver, reminding you that you've wasted valuable time in an Emergency. Art measures 11" tall, 5" deep, and 7" wide, not counting the dangling red cord, and weighs under a pound. It runs on a set of (2) AA Batteries, which should last years based on disuse.

This piece is both up for sale ($200 - click that PayPal button to buy it now!), as well as up for traveling exhibition, and can be often be found with our In Case Of... Art Show. Please contact the artist Andrew Davidson to purchase or schedule a showing at your public art space by email at: a (at) undr (dot) com