Boredom Dead_Quiet Miracle Revolution Fabulous Sugar_Fit Good_Luck Bad_Luck Really_Bad_Luck Really_Really_Bad_Luck Zombies Campfire No_Fire Rapture Interstellar_Travel Nic_Fit Poor_Math_Skills Bad_Tattoo False_Alarm Cell_Tower_Failure The_Munchies

In Case Of…

At Hand Solutions to Life's other little Personal Emergencies

A series of multimedia installations to deal just about every emergency one might encounter in your life. Created and made by artist Andrew Davidson, this collection is perpetually growing, with new pieces being added to the roster as inspiration strikes.

Designed and produced to simply bring to life the nagging "what if…' that haunts all those who question. We've seen dozens of other versions of this same idea, some simple sketches to wholly made mixed-media pieces. Our goal was to reproduce them in one traveling collection. The overwhelming selection of answers to not-so-everyday questions becomes more a mixed media installation as it is a poke at modern society and our true 'fears'.

The current emergencies that can be solved by simply breaking some glass include: Boredom (Dustpan & Broom), Fabulous (Glitter), Sugar Fit (Lollipops), Dead Quiet (Metal Marbles), Miracle (Condom), Revolution (Guy Fawkes Masks), Rapture (Religious Texts), Zombies (Handgun, 2 Bullets), No Fire (Box of Matches), Interstellar Travel (Towel), Campfire (S'more's Ingredients, Whittled Stick), Good Luck (Mirror), Bad Luck (Four-Leaf Clover), Very Bad Luck (Wishbone), Very Very Bad Luck (Empty).

Recently added, but not shown include: Oversleeping (Alarm Clock), Love at First Sight (Single Red Rose), Printer Jam (Baseball Bat), War (White Dove), Dark Sith Lord (Lightsaber), Brunch (Champagne Bottle and Glasses) and Emergency Phone (Useless).

Each unit is made of pine wood, red acrylic paint, vinyl lettering, polystyrene plastic, and assorted bolts and contents (mostly plastic, including the real-looking but ultimately fake gun). Some of the larger units also have themed 'glass breakers' on the side of the unit, adding an extra bit of for the superbly curious.

This show is up for traveling exhibition, please contact the artist to schedule a showing at your public space.While no individual unit is up for sale, we're glad to make reproductions of any unit you like. Prices vary ($80-$400), please contact the artist Andrew Davidson by email to order: a (at) undr (dot) com


Pratt Institute Alumni Exhibition

September 19 - October 15, 2015 Alumni Day Gallery Guide PDF, My Submitted Bio and Artists Statement Text File, The Pratt Printed Guide (so many blank pages!) - feel free to check for the Pratt Dead Event Link or our own Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

10th St. Laundromat

August 2014 Solo Show, South Philly Review News ( Version), Photos from the Event: Wall 1, Wall 2, Wall 3, Wall 4, Wall 5, Wall 6, Wall 7, Wall 8, Wall 9, Wall 10, Wall 11, Patrons