Announcing a New Digital Conversion Service from Under Design - DVD to MP4

By Andrew Davidson
on February 13, 2020


It started a few weeks back when we were approached by a customer to do a particular conversion job for them: they had a box of 40 DVD's of home video converted by one of our competitors in the early 2010 era. Now they wanted these same videos for the family tablets and mobile devices. We've already been converting customer home videos to MP4 video files for years. Could we convert these obviously copyright-free works into a more usable format?

We could and did.

While we were doing the conversion, we thought to ourselves 'There must be others with soon to be obsolete 5" Optical Media on DVD, and no computer drive to even make a copy of it!' While it seems like an obvious and easy reach for a digital conversion service to add a new input format, it's our added value that will make you choose our services in the future for your own 5" Optical media purge:

  1. We make a bit-for-bit backup of the DVD Video itself - you can use our source MPEG-2 files to re-encode to future video codecs as they are released. Future proof!
  2. We make standards-compliant h.264 MP4 files that work on every operating system and mobile device, as well as easily upload to YouTube, Vimeo, any Web Hosting service, or simply add to your home Media Server! Go Plex!
  3. We return everything on USB thumb drive suited for your job. (Or you can send your own drive!) We also keep an archive of our generated MP4 copies for a year as a backup.

Thankfully, this is not a competitive market, and the domain name that follows our naming convention was available, so we registered (again, to keep interest to United States Customers only, as we're operating in a very thin area of the fair use section of copyright law). It took us a few days to modify our standard digital conversion services landing page designs to accommodate the new service, add new icons, and the new downloadable order form, but we released the site today (February 13, 2020!), and look forward to our first order!

Don't forget to visit our new DVD to MP4 Conversion Landing Page!

Thus far, I cannot find any competitor who provides this type of service online, as the search results are pages upon pages of software options to do this for you. While I understand there's an audience that will simply D.I.Y. it with some virus-filled software, there's a larger audience who's willing to pay for our professional service and standards compliant product - while protecting their own systems from shady software solutions or expensive hardware upgrades.