Ikea Moment Computer Desk Assembly Instructions in PDF format

I just bought a bunch of these classic Ikea Moment Computer desks that were introduced (and since discontinued) in 2004 or so. I love them for their metal and glass simple design, plus, since they're on wheels, they can be moved about to reconfigure a space quickly. I plan to use them in the front meeting room of my new co-working venture.

As Ikea don't make these Desks anymore, nor do they host instructions for legacy products, I'm posting my perfectly scanned and compressed PDF file available to download for those of you who maybe have bought a desk like this, and have no idea how to get it apart. (On a side note, I checked Ikea Fans, a good resource for PDF instructions like these, and even they didn't have these particular instructions available.

Also, in a quick shout-out, Craigslist is where I found them for sale, and I picked them up using my Philly Car Share account. All in all, I saved hundreds of dollars by buying second hand, and doing my own (heavy) lifting...

Now back to the juice of this article, the PDF file (sized 2.5mb, with 300dpi scans on all 8 pages) is linked below!

Ikea Moment Computer Desk Assembly Instructions