Crowd shot at the Characters Welcome Sticker Show at Tattooed Mom's on October 19th, 2019


Going Slightly Viral in 2019

By Andrew Davidson
on October 24, 2019

insta_show_promote My friend Robb Quattro had invited me along to the Characters Welcome Sticker Show at Tattooed Mom's last friday (October 19th), and I being a huge sticker producer and fan, gladly went along. Below are a handful of photos I shot at the event, you can click on any photo to zoom in.

The second floor of Tattooed Mom's was packed full of artists and collectors, with stickers on every surface inside the venue. You can see the auctioned off sticker boards, with a selected group of stickers plastered on boards and for sale, as well as the group sticker table (pool table) where stickers are traded freely and endlessly. My friend Robb found a few of his street stickers on a few boards, and ran into some fans of his work. I saw a few artists hand-drawing new pieces and tossing them into the center of the table for other collectors. I grabbed a few and added them to my own sticker collection as well.

awebsiteyouwillnevergoto I'd dragged along a handful of one freebie sticker I'd produced (seen to the right) to give away at the show. Not only did I hand one to everyone I met that night, I also threw a huge bunch on the shared table. As I had considered most of the 'good' sticker work was the hand-drawn stuff, I thought my cheap mass-produced stickers would be ignored by the legions of collectors. I thought that'd be the last of it; little did I know...

An aside: I don't check my email on weekends; however, I'd noticed a surge in PayPal emails on Sunday, each one notifying me of another order from my online store. Considering I get about 5 orders a year, getting several in a week is an accomplishment!

As of this writing, I have 70 orders on my online store in under a week!

I was still clueless as to how this nationwide audience had found me. I sent out a thank you email pleading for guidance from my customers. Many couldn't recall, but many pointed to instagram posts, facebook posts, and lamebook posts as examples of where they'd found my URL -!

Digging a bit deeper, I also found a bunch of Reddit Posts about the domain name, as well as a few copies of the same image on imgur and reddit. I'm still trying to figure out who might have originated the photo that seems to have spread across several social media platforms. A collector from the show on Friday? This 6000+ Reddit r/lifehacks post seems to be the originator, and it moved to the r/meme Reddit sub. As with all viral things, it morphed into r/firstworldanarchists offering the challenge to 800+ fans, then r/InclusiveOr showing dexterity in content, then r/madlads screen capping our sticker page.

To say the least, it's been a week of packing and shipping my assorted novelties to a new fanbase across the country. I still undercharge for shipping, and probably lost money on some of the very tiny one dollar orders. Still, I appreciate the exposure, and the opportunity to make someone giggle!

My goal now is to automate the store ordering process (I'd been doing it by hand for years), as this surge in orders pointed out many deficiencies in my order fulfillment pipeline. I ran out of stock on 2 items, and have to hand-update the website to stop accepting orders for those items. I have to find new vendors for manufacturing some items (it's been years...), and am inspired to start creating new products to sell. Give my store a visit, or try to visit

Bandwidth Costs...


As you can see from the spiked graph from Amazon above, on or about October 19th, there's a spike in outbound bandwidth costs. My usually tiny hosting bill is 6x larger than usual, mostly due to the sheer traffic that went to my website and visited many of the pages. I did a web page load test on the website again, and it's still a pretty hefty 6.2mb download for all the html and graphics, but I'd pushed 260+GB of data in total over 7 days to an unknown amount of visitors. This is when doing a little web tracking would have been useful, but I'd long ignored any of the pointless reports due to the sheer lack of valuable data. So, no surprise, I'm caught unprepared. Lesson learned.

Under Design : apparel : UDA215

Beards are Cool. Mullets are Bad. Official T-Shirt Design

I only made this to capitalize on my surge in popularity and to stop copyright thieves from making a poor copy of my design.

Ripple Effect

It's back again on Reddit, this time with a cropped sticker that removes my URL all the way from Colorado, about 20 days after the initial surge. This is probably one of the stickers I included in my orders, and a customer is milking the viralness of the provocative statement, while removing credit and attribution... Thanks, anonymous asshole.

Bot Annoyances

I'd found a copy of this artwork on a t-shirt and was incensed. Eventually, I calmed down, and figured no one in their right mind would wear this on a shirt. I had become victim to a twitter botnet that creates fake products based on viral images, who have been rightfully shown their place by hackers who recently forced copyrighted work to be automatically stolen, implicating themselves for lawsuits from much more powerful forces.