Free Avery 5160 Medical Marijuana Cannabis Strain Labels for Dispensaries in New Jersey and California

By Andrew Davidson
on March 29, 2018

I was surprised at the legalese required for labeling the new explosion of medical marijuana products, and the breadth of solutions available on Amazon. As a designer, I can easily come up with my own solution in a pinch, and hopefully save some money for some dispensary out there.

New Jersey Medical Marijuana Label Download PDF

New Jersey Label Detail

These two designs are legal for the states of New Jersey and California (sorry everywhere else!), are designed using IBM's new Plex font family, and are specially formatted for everyone's favorite generic mailing label, the Avery 5160 (30-up 1"x2.625" labels). Easy to print at home and apply as needed.

California Medical Marijuana Label Download PDF

California Label Detail

Special thanks to ShrinkPDF for tossing 95% of the garbage in the file for much tinier PDF files in one visit, and TinyPNG for compressing my graphics for quick downloads.