Tablets vs. Laptop - Separating 'Creators' from the 'Consumers'

I can't get any real work done on a Tablet. Seriously.

While I may have single-finger typed this blog post in on my iPad, the fact is, I proofed, styled, and otherwise cleaned up the text to make it presentable on my desktop machine.

I also added graphics using my desktop machine, and managed blog post options not available to the iPad App version of WordPress. I also spell-checked it using the web-based form of WordPress on my desktop, as the right-click-and-select-right-spelling method works best for me.

If you browse my site on an iPad, you'll find my site to be re-styled with a fantastic iPad design that incorporates swipes and single-touch clicks as input. It's awfully slick, even as a demo of the possibilities of re-publishing in HTML 5. The 'theme' it uses is a custom theme developed by the makers of WordPress to offer quick republishing of content to the iPad with no re-work required.

90% of Computer users don't need a Computer!

They want to check email, or browse a web site. They don't want to make a website, they just want to Tweet, or add to their Facebook profile.

The iPad (and in fact, most tablets) is a perfect device for short-burst communication like this.

While many new computer owners may dream of writing a novel, editing a video or recording an album, the fact is, most don't, or simply don't care to. The wasted processor cycles on the average consumers computer could generate a cure for cancer, find a new lifeform, or simply generate a few bitcoins. All of these are more important than updating your Facebook status, I assure you.

The tablet revolution will re-divide society - those that require creation-caliber computers, or those that require passive computer devices like iPads.

In the near future, you'll be given your first tablet as a child - it will provide a steady stream of entertainment, reading and education. All early attempts at creation on the devices will be child-like and limited by the touch user interface, which will not allow accurate or perfect creation, but rather a lousy substitute for professional work. As you get older, you'll long for a two-handed grasp on input devices, having long been frustrated by the limitations of touch-screen input. You'll welcome (real) keyboards as deliciously simple and wicked fast, compared to triple-clicking a virtual board just so you can type a special character.

However, some blowhards see this as a step backward, I see this as a advance in specialized technology, where content creators rules the world. (They do already, via TV and Movies, this will democratize the playing field, so you're next media giant is Rovio, not Paramount!)

Agree? Think I'm Crazy? Browsing this on your iPad?