From the Archives: Static Fish #11 'At Least I Told Him' Comic from 1989

By Andrew Davidson
on July 2, 2010

This is the third post in a series of three of scans from old issues of Static Fish, the student comic written and illustrated by the students of Pratt Institute, published by the Comic Illustrator’s Guild and Student Government Association of Pratt Institute. These came out bi-annually, and this issue was initially published in the winter of 1989.

Based on a urban legend I'd heard, this one-page comic from Winter 1989 told a harrowing story of a virgin's first time, and the poor decision of not having safe sex. I liked how the main character is superimposed over all of the panels. It was tough trying to tell big parts of the story in tiny slices of space, and still have the punchline be visible. Again, it seems like I like to push the boundaries of the stories that could be told.