Thanks Hack-A-Day!

This is a new blog for me, albeit not my first time blogging. Still, my recent tutorial on building my own Apple tablet (i.e. the eBook) has drummed up quite a nice jump in views. Take a quick peek at my WordPress stats for the last few weeks:

From a dismal 0 views a day to 750+. The first bump in traffic is also the first post in the eBook series, and I posted a link on Reddit (which languishes at 1 - No love from my fellow Redditors?)

Most traffic is coming from Hack-a-Day, a personal favorite site (a worthy addition to your daily routine of web-news). I expect traffic will die down in a week or so, but I'll keep you informed as the popularity of this blog continues to grow.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions about this post or any other on my blog!

12-Hours Later....

750 seems so....tiny. I feel I should check after midnight for total traffic numbers. As I post this, I'm over 2000 views today.

Also, I've been following comments and trackbacks, to find some other awesome resources for people looking to do their own Tablet mod. Both of these projects use faster MacBooks and Wacom tablets for input:

Post-Midnight Update

Finally tally for yesterday's huge surge in traffic - just under 2400 unique visitors!