My First Kickstarter Investment Has Arrived!



I'm a big fan of Kickstarter, and it's crowd-funded small development projects. I love seeing some of my investments as successes, and discovering why others seem to fail. It's a magical blend of a great pitch video, a confident and smart team, and a concrete vision and usefulness to your product.

I tend to invest in Technology and Design projects, but have tried investing in Films and Commercial products as well. I love to scan the local Philadelphia-area projects for investing truly locally! I'll admit I'm a late addition to Kickstarter, and I only started really checking it for new upcoming products and ideas a couple months ago (12 investments), but so far, I've already received one item that I helped get made (along with 1,600 others)!


It's the Ultimate Spatula by New York design firm Get It Right in Kickstarter Green, to boot! It's really nice, and way better than my old one, which is beginning to look worse and worse as it gets older and abused. I have yet to use this new kitchen tool, but I'll post photos to this post once I do. They're available online, too, if you like what you see! I'm impressed with the teams quickness - funded one month ago, to a product in my hands today! Not bad!

Do You Invest In Kickstarter Projects? Love it? Hate it? Leave Your Comment!

Do you have a tale of woe of no return on your Kickstarter investments? Do tell, stranger! This is the first item I've received out of the 12 I invested in thus far. One project failed to get funding, and another was a film where I was simply helping out with no reward. Most of my other investments aren't due until 2013, but I have a few that were promised before the Holidays, so we'll see what else shows up in the next few weeks!