Hacking Open an Ivee Sleek Voice Activated Clock


I bought an Ivee Sleek during it's first Kickstarter, and liked the unit - mine still is in use at my office. It's a Voice activated clock that with internet access, can answer basic questions. While it's been completely ignored in the explosion of Amazon's Echo, I thought I'd buy a second one for home, so I went second-hand via eBay. The new one, however, powered on, but didn't work, for it didn't hear anything. I assumed it was a dislocated jumper holding the microphone to the motherboard. I figured I'd disassemble it to see, and while I did this, I discovered secrets of the design, and I still can't find the microphone!

Start The Hacking!

Slide a butter knife under the front glossy cover, you'll be able to snap it off the front. The tiny display will also come loose.


There's 6 recessed screws to get the faceplate off. Note the light sensor to the left - it's attached to the motherboard.


Hello Motherboard. Not shown: daughter cards for wifi, back ports and top buttons. Two black screws hold it in. There's an odd button at the bottom center. Accessible via the mesh grill, but not easily or obviously.


Goodbye Motherboard. Clockwise from left, Battery, Top Buttons (wrapped in anti-static plastic), Wifi Board with Antenna, port board underneath.


Hidden under the back left foot is a USB port for programming. It's covered with plastic inside, and a foot underneath. The hot glued wires go to the speaker.


Easy Access to USB port (now removed in this photo), as rubber foot is shifted over.


I have yet to scour the rest of the daughtercards for a sign of the microphone. It may also be using the large speaker in the back as a dual purpose. I also want to see about plugging it in to my computer, but don't have the right USB cable (yet).