Slurp! Magazine 1993-94 (East Coast Rave Culture) Issues 4-9 PDF Scans

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If you're old enough to remember the 'rave scene', you might remember reading a now defunct rave 'zine named 'Slurp!', which was distributed nationally but focused on the East Coast rave scene. I was the co-publisher and lead designer for this scrappy publication. We published a whopping 9 issues, the first 3 were called the Dead By Dawn Newsletter. (BTW, we're in no way related to the current fashion magazine named Slurp).

Below are links to huge (50-100mb+) PDF files of the last 6 issues as scanned by me. They were oversize newsprint - pages measure around 10" x 13" and the outside covers were usually full color. All of the inside pages are greyscale, and will show the printer defects, including sloppy web printing, and banding of ink density.

Hover over the issue to see the tooltip with the PDF file size, then click to open or download. If you're interested in a trip down memory lane towards the early 90's, click away!

I'd also assume all information contained herein, including business names and addresses, phone numbers, venue locations , etc. are long defunct.

Slurp! 05 CoverSlurp! 06 Cover

Slurp! 07 CoverSlurp! 08 CoverSlurp! 09 Cover