From the Archives: Static Fish #10 'Anarchy' Comic from 1989

By Andrew Davidson
on June 25, 2010

This is the second post in a series of three of scans from old issues of Static Fish, the student comic written and illustrated by the students of Pratt Institute, published by the Comic Illustrator’s Guild and Student Government Association of Pratt Institute. These came out bi-annually, and this issue was initially published in the fall of 1989.

I was quite infatuated with the anarchy symbol for a while. It was a capital A, the first letter of my name, and had meaning. This may have been me rejecting the status quo more than anything else.

This single-page comic was deemed pretty disturbing. It was a short glimpse of a troubled teen, and his succumbing to suicide, to the obliviousness of his 'dearest' friends. This illustration was my attempt to get better at shading and ink work, and it's a bit better, if not a bit darker than my previous published attempt. Looking back, I can't remember what prompted me to select such a taboo subject.