How I Envisioned Modern Day Vampires in 1989

By Andrew Davidson
on June 18, 2010

Digging through my archives, I found some old artwork I'd done that might live again online. This is the first post in a series of three of scans from old issues of Static Fish Issue 9, written and illustrated by the students of Pratt Institute, published by the Comic Illustrator's Guild and Student Government Association of Pratt Institute. These came out bi-annually, and this issue was initially published in February 1989.

This short story is about how I imagined Vampires might get along today in 1989, if they were trying to stay under the radar of humans, while still feasting on them regularly. Reviewing it now, I wince at my poor attempt at shading. The pages ended up looking too light or too dark. I was a budding filmmaker at the time, and my illustration skills were average at best (at least, for Art School). I subtly implied lots of hints in the story through illustrations that might be missed by the first read. Also, I think I purposefully used the most outrageous character names I could think of.

An Hour In the Life

Leave a comment if you love it or hate it. Each comic panel can be clicked to enlarge the artwork slightly, if you're going blind like I am...