Chewbacca Roar Prank Phone Contest Blank - Free PDF Download

Chewbacca Roar Prank Phone Contest Blank

Everyone can do an excellent Chewbacca impression! This professionally designed poster has a spot to add any phone number as an entry point. In our photographed example above, that's the phone number for The White House; You won't get Melania, but you'll annoy the operators to no end. Inspired by this found snapshot, and this other version it seemed an excellent opportunity to re-design it from scratch (with my own twist!) and make a free downloadable PDF file (149kb) with a crisp, cool design! Now everyone can annoy their neighbors, local government offices, or the Trump organization to no end!

Special Thanks to ShrinkPDF, who compressed my downloadable PDF file by 98% - from a whopping 8mb to 150kb! and to my friends at TinyJPG, who easily shaved a third off those complex JPG images, making this page load fast!