Groovy Vinyl: Superior Disc from 1948 (with surpringly modern advice for budding Turntablists!)

From a recent Vinyl to CD, here's a scan of a blank vinyl record that was used to capture some distant relative's voice for future playback. If you look closely on the label, you can see the light pencil date, August 15, 1948.

However, at the bottom of the label, under the word 'Notice', this vinyl offers advice to young turntablists, who find their records skip when they try to scratch. Often, it's the center punch in your record being too large, and the slight left-to-right shifting while you scratch that will throw your needle out of the groove. By using a tiny piece of paper wedged in the hole, allows your vinyl to be tightly joined with the steel platter, making it shift less, and therefore easier to scratch!

I had a DJ friend in college who spun Hip-Hop, and used this technique religiously. Julian showed me the simple effects of these 'record tabs' and complained about poorly mastered vinyl and record hole diameter. This technique came in handy for the house parties we threw (way back in 1989!), where the packed dance floor would bounce and shimmer with the throng, making every great music hit skip and jump with the crowd's elation to hearing it. (In this case, putting the turntables as close to the corner of the room also helped.)

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