Do It Yourself Instructions:

How to mobilize your Ikea Ektorp Tullsta Armchair with Wheels!

I have a policy that any furniture must be on wheels. Maybe it's because I'm a dude, or I'm lazy, but just about everything in my tiny home is on wheels. I can move my furniture at will just about anytime. I love the bucket-shaped Tullsta armchairs available at Ikea, and had an inkling of an idea to put them on casters as well. Luckily, it only requires a minimum of time and cost. All the pics were taken after I've competed this project.

Stuff/Tools You'll Need:

ikea-tullsta-armchair.jpg ikea-rill-casters.jpg ChairBase.gif

Cut the 2x4 into 4 pieces. I suggest you use a table-saw or crosscut saw. You need (2) pieces that are exactly 20" long and have square-cut ends. One piece should be 20" long and have 10-degree cut ends. The final piece should be 13.5" and have 10-degree cut ends. The diagram above this paragraph shows how the 10-degree cuts fit into the structure which is a trapezoid box. The 2" side is facing up.

STP81940.JPG STP81939.JPG STP81941.JPG

Using your 3" wood screws (I used Drywall screws), assemble your box for the bottom of the chair. There is some wiggle room built-in, but basically you want a fairly strong square trapezoid. The two pieces with the 10-degree cut ends are parallel, and the respective front and back of the box.

STP81938.JPG STP81936.JPG STP81937.JPG

Remove the old screw-in feet from the Tullsta chair, then you can visually center the new box on the bottom of your tullsta chair. I used the extra couple 3" drywall screws to screw the box to the bottom of the Tullsta chair. Do it at the front and back of the chair, where you'll find a piece of wood support underneath the black batting. Most of the rest of the chair is styrofoam, and won't actually hold if you screw into it.


Grab your casters, and apply them to the four corners. You only need to use 3 screws on 3 sides to get them to hold. As long as the center of each caster is supported directly behind it with wood (the corner of your box). You can't have the pivot point be hanging off the side, as that's where all the weight is transferred.

You're done! You'll find the new chair sit at about the same height as before, so no need to swap out new desks, plus with it on wheels, you can roll it around endlessly for mobile lounging!