Everything is under design at Under Design.

We design everything we can get our hands on. We specialize in websites, printed materials & identities. With the marketing smarts of an ad agency, the technical know-how of an interactive firm and the creative soul of a design firm, we're able to bring substantial savings to a project thanks to our mastery of digital technology. Our custom job tracking service Under Control allows our customers to stay informed and review the progress of jobs from start to finish.

At the core, we are a design shop catering to the lifestyle and entertainment markets. We're about delivering your message, clearly and with some street-cred. We hand-build you an image with our mix of aesthetics, house style, production ability and delivery media. We also handle all forms of electronic marketing (email, web, online video), digital format conversion (VHS to DVD, Vinyl LP to CD, Tape to CD, Digital Audio Tape to CD, MicroCassette to CD, Reel-to-reel To CD and CD to MP3), video production, as well as print-on-demand short-run printing.

Our contact form is offline from 9pm to 9am EST to thwart the constant spamming this form gets overnight. All of our most common questions have already been answered on our F.A.Q.!

We Design: