In Case of Fire / Use Stairs - Free PDF Download Joke Sign

By Andrew Davidson
on December 27, 2018


Strangely, this sign is in no way related to my traveling art show 'In Case Of...', although it has identical phrasing. Inspired by this often-posted image of an alternate version of a typical fire safety sign seen in office buildings worldwide with a personal burning desire to make it better designed, easily shareable, and downloadable for all! Now I can confidently inspire others to also use stairs as a fire-fighting weapon! This is a 2-page PDF file, so don't be immediately disappointed with your download; A very normal looking (and legal and useable) version of the sign is first, followed by page 2 which has the alternate reality version. Print both double-sided on letter-sized sheets of paper for switchable warnings for April Fools!

Click Here to Download 2-Page PDF File (27kb)

In Case of Fire / Use Stairs
2-Page 8.5"x11" PDF File
Download 27kb

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Quick shout-out to ShrinkPDF, who compressed my downloadable PDF file and to my friends at TinyPNG, who easily shaved over half off those PNG files, making this page load fast!