Plastic Recycling Chart


An avid eco-conscious guy, I've been increasingly concerned about American's global footprint. Between news of the large mass of plastic garbage floating in the Pacific Ocean, to the simple fact that all I throw away these days is plastic, I'm aware of how ubiquitous plastic is, but at what global cost?

Will Plastic be the Asbestos of the Future?

It's cheap, it works great for what it does, and might give you a rare cancer we haven't discovered yet in 25 years! *

I found this fantastic click-through article on the many types of plastic we use everyday, and which were recyclable or not. Originally found on The Daily Green Online by author Brian Clark Howard, I thought it needed a more permanent place than my bookmarks. I whipped up this handy chart to post on my anyone's fridge. There's a spot so you can mark which types of plastic recycling you do locally!

Click the graphic (or here) to Download PDF • Sized 8.5" x 14" • Print in Full Color on a sheet of Legal Paper.

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