Hacking a Daily Pill Dispenser for my handful of Horse Pills...

handful I take a handful of Nootropics & Supplements everyday. While most people would complain that I'm probably peeing most of what I take, I can actually see quantifiable results with some of the medications and supplements I take. I'll leave the detailed list of what and why to a later post. Today, we're gonna talk about the daily dispensing of the plethora of pills.

Initial Considerations

With 11+ different pills, I'm not going to shuffle through that many bottles every day to eke out my daily dose. Most folk solve this issue with a Pill Holder. Most drugstores sell one-week versions with 7 tiny compartments for each day of the week. I'd found one that had 21 compartments for morning noon and night doses and converted it to a 21-day system with great success for many years.


My previous pill holders were nice, but each holder was nearly packed to the brim with each daily dose. Those tiny compartments fill quickly, and some of my new nootropics pills are certainly horse-sized. I needed a flexible sized but compressable storage solution, and my answer to this problem is smart and simple.

Re-Purposing the Cup Dispenser

I had an old metal adjustable cup dispenser that used to be mounted in my bathroom when I moved in. I'd long removed it for it's disuse, but had to drag it out of storage for re-purposing. I bought a few hundred tiny plastic 7 ounce cups from my local grocery store. On 28 of them, I wrote the weekday on the base of each cup, to make it easier for me to track my daily compliance. I then set out the grid of 4 weeks of daily dosages, and filled each cup.


Once I got through all 11 bottles of my pills, I stacked the cups (in daily order starting with tomorrow) into the cup holder, so all I had to do each morning would be to grab a daily dose of pills and be done with it. You can see that Saturdays dose is next in my next picture, where the cup holder is mounted in between my medicine cabinet and mirror lighting.


Project Succcess!

With this system, I can hold up to a months worth of daily doses in easy access. One caveat: I need to be careful when pulling the cups, as it is not designed to hold the extra weight, and I've lost a cup when I pulled it too quickly, and the next days dose fell and scattered it's contents.

Still, it saves me from doing a lot of pill measuring too often, frees me from concern with staying on my prescribed regimen. Also, I recently added a second dosing schedule to my daily pills, and it works seamlessly with this system. However, my fading memory requires that I set a reminder on my smart phone to take my pills, but so far, this system works great for me!