20 Easy Ways to Re-use (Unrecyclable) Vinyl Records

Vinyl Records are not recyclable, as they are made of PVC. You can recycle the cardboard sleeves, and paper jackets in your usual recycling bin. There are other solutions for re-using your old vinyl records as well.

Below are 20 such other projects you can do at home to re-use old Vinyl Albums instead of sending them to the landfill!

  1. Genius Multi-level Serving Dish made out of 7" records. [Source]
  2. Installation Art Piece using cut Vinyl Records.
  3. Painted, Cut & Bent into a Cuff Bracelet! [Source]
  4. Cute Side/Drink Table [Source]
  5. A Plethora of Table Bowls made of Painted & Melted Vinyl Records [Source]
  6. Cool Die-Cut Clockwork. [Source]
  7. Shingle your Roof [Source]
  8. Installation Art Piece - A Wave of Vinyl [Source]
  9. Street Art - Huge Fish with Vinyl Scales [Source]
  10. A Huge 7 foot Round Ball made of vinyl records - there's a structure inside to hold it together, and I don't think it could roll down a hill without serious damage. [Source]
  11. Novelty Cutout - Suitable for a Clock! [Source]
  12. More Die-Cut Vinyl Icons [Source]
  13. Tongue-in-Cheek Die Cut of a Cassette Tape made out of a Vinyl Record, and sold as a necklace. [Source]
  14. Vinyl Records used as a canvas, or installation art piece. [Source]
  15. Cute Handbag - I appreciate the label color matches the thread! [Source]
  16. Complex Chip & Dip Bowl made out of several Vinyl Records. [Source]
  17. Not so pretty lamp protector. [Source]
  18. Plant Holder (you'd have to seal the bottom hole to prevent leaks) [Source]
  19. Art Installation or Belt holder, you decide. [Source]
  20. Refinish a Cafe Chair with Vinyl. [Source]