DIY Glass Cleaner Replacement Labels


As part of my effort to reduce my global footprint, I've begun to recycle everything. In my desire to reuse my ever-empty glass cleaner bottles, I checked the internet for popular recipies for the like. Found a handful of recipes I liked, modified them all into my own mess, then made my own glass cleaner. The recipe is below:

DIY Glass Cleaner Recipe

The Label In Action


In order to remove the current branding on the spray bottle, and encourage re-use, I designed these replacement labels. See my pictured example for inspiration. You will get 4 labels on one sheet of sticker paper, giving you double-sided coverage of 2 bottles. Also, I used cyan ink from my inkjet printer to dye the cleaner, cause who has food dye?

I used the glass cleaner immediately, and found it to be nearly an exact match, down to the window cleaner smell, and it works great. I like that it's an all-natural(-ish) solution to a common problem. I use window cleaner everywhere, and this will save me money from purchasing refills.

Gimme One, Too!

Rollover the graphic to the upper right to Zoom In, Click it to Download PDF to your desktop (332kb) • Sized 8.5" x 11" • Print in Full Color on a sheet of Sticker-backed Paper. Cut on the dotted lines, and apply to recycled spray bottles.

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