Apple's iSlate is late!

To begin, the latest hype is all about the leaked 'killer tablet' that Apple will be releasing come January 2010. The rumors have it named the:


Let me the first to be underwhelmed by this name. I get it, Apple. Like an old chalkboard slate from schoolhouses of yore (or Little House on the Prairie, if you can't fathom). Only Apple like, with no buttons, and a sleek exterior. If only there weren't an appropriately named application for the iPhone already named that. Of course, as I type this, I note it already is ominously named, with no mid-cap, and a wrongly placed space, we have:

is late

Which, according to other reliable sources, is true, since Steve's (supposedly) been dumping on this project for years. He obviously doesn't approve of the delivered prototypes, so it's back the drawing board until he loves it.

Let's hope he tosses the name back, too. Of course, Steve hated the iMac name initially.