Audio Snippets from the Cutting Room Floor

By Andrew Davidson
on April 29, 2022

These are all weird snippets of audio that might be useful to some editor looking for odd noises for their independent film. Our full-resolution AIFF downloads are a product of our high caliber digital audio conversion services where we convert vinyl records and cassette tapes for a nationwide customer base. We used iTunes to generate the MP3 versions, and did a great job generating OGG versions for the HTML Audio Spec. These audio clips are also free to use and reuse without attribution, because I don't care. I'll add to this page as I come across new odd ear benders.

  • Sound of Blank Audio Cassette - Tape Hiss
    (5 second loop) Download
  • Sound of Needle Dropping Into Vinyl Groove At Start Of Record Player
    (8 seconds) Download
  • Loop of a Warped Record playing at 33rpm
    (2 seconds) Download
  • Answering Machine Message at the CIA Scam and Fraud Division
    Edited Audio from this Video Source (21 seconds) Download