Unelection Posters for 2020 (Un-elect Senators Richard Burr & Kelly Loeffler) - Free PDF Poster Downloads

By Andrew Davidson
on March 24, 2020


I admit, I don't follow politics that much (or the news for that matter), but the quarantine has got me seeing more news that I usually digest. This pandemic has exposed the real assholes out there: Resident Trump for fucking up every single appearance he's had on television to some congratulatory pat on the back on how well he's (mis-) handling this emergency, to the news of two asshole Senator's dumping stock pre-pandemic, for huge financial gain.

I also stumbled across this hilarious found street poster (sorry, unreadable credits on that image...) [found the source - Good Liars in NYC] that made me laugh out loud, it took me all of 2 seconds 10 minutes to whip up this FREE downloadable PDF file lambasting Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina (69k) and another one for Senator Kelly Loeffler of Georgia (90k), both pictured and linked below:

You're Welcome, States of North Carolina & Georgia!

Be sure to cover your neighborhoods (even on Facebook?) with these Un-election Posters come next election (which you'll probably mail in, anyway). Ensure these profiteering assholes get their unapologetic removal from office!

Special Thanks to our own w.undr.us URL Shortener for easy to read and type address on the internet of things, ShrinkPDF, who compressed these downloadable PDF files by over 99% (!) and to my friends at TinyJPG, who easily shaved 65% off those images, making this page load fast!