Coronavirus Vector Illustration - Free SVG Download

By Andrew Davidson
on March 18, 2020

Download 5.5kb SVG File

Filling more time of my social isolation, I've whipped up this scientifically accurate and biohazard-labeled vector graphic for anyone to download and use on their web pages, or in their print designs used to notify others of the Coronavirus and the spread in their neighborhoods. However, my free design comes with some caveats:

  1. This design is for personal use only!
  2. You may not use it for commercial projects, or if you are a corporate entity of any kind (yes, that includes charities). You already have staff that can do this.
  3. There is an author credit and linkback URL in the SVG file that must remain in place.
  4. You may not rename the file, especially if hosting online.
  5. No hotlinking to my hosted version. I'll move it now and again to thwart this behavior.

Since it's an SVG file, it's basically text, so if you need to change the colors of the two parts to suit your particular need, you can simply edit the SVG file with any text editor, and change the two HTML color values. Simply search for 'fill=' and change the quoted values from "#CC0000" for Red or "#FFFF00" for Yellow to the ones you prefer. You can see our embedded version with black background and red biohazard symbol floating to the right.

Stay Socially Isolated, Stay Safe!

Special Thanks to SVG Optimizer, who slimmed that SVG to 50% of it's original weight!