Free Downloadable 7 foot Measuring Tape for capturing your Body Measurements for Tailored Clothing

I'd made this design for an older HTML5-App for storing your body measurements for shopping for tailored or sized clothing online. While everyone might know their waist size, how many can recall their sleeve size or inseam?

Still, my design required some skilled cutting, but nothing more than a scissors could handle, and a common stapler to straighten the S-shaped design into a continuous 82 inch strip.

Click the graphic or this link to download our single page PDF file. Print it at 100% on your local laser or inkjet printer on common letter sized paper (8.5" x 11"). You'll need a pair of scissors (an x-acto blade is ideal and quick), and a stapler (or tape). Follow the simple directions on the page, and use it to capture all of your body measurements needed for deliberate shopping online.

Once caveat: most retailers use 'vanity sizing'. Meaning your new accurate measurements might be too accurate for most major American retailers. Prepare to return most of your purchases due to being too big.