Dumping 'Digital'

By Andrew Davidson
on Dec. 9, 2022

I've been (ab)using the phrase 'Digital Conversions' for decades now; it (used to be) on nearly every web page on this site as part of the navigation. It sorta perfectly sums up our basic vast array of (ex-video) and audio archiving services in an easily spoken phrase, but I've been more and more hesitant to use the phrase 'digital' anymore. A few reasons:

  1. 'Digitizing' is a vague term that doesn't really define what you're getting as a product (DVD, CD, MP3, AIF; digital media formats). It can be applied when working with analog video & audio as well as optical media backups (CD, DVD, BR), adding to the divisive use.
  2. We retired from 'digitizing' video in 2020, and have focused on audio only conversions (with one noted exception: DVD Ripped to MP4 Video)
  3. Because of our audio only focus, I wanted to remove the somewhat worthless 'Digital' and replace it with the more SEO friendly 'Audio' on our many (many...) web pages.
  4. Today, we're announcing a new conversion service: Audio To Vinyl Dubplate Cutting, which is a wholly analog product. We'll take your short audio file and etch it onto a soft acetate vinyl record master for playback on any turntable. While the masters are digital, the resulting product is strictly analog. It still aligns with our audio-only focus, but it's certainly a new product/media type that we support, and no digitization is necessary.

So, as of this blog post, I've run the world's largest 'search and replace' on my 10.5 gigabyte (a lot of that is hosted multimedia files) website. It should change on the header navigation on all of my blog posts, and I will be going through and hand-editting other references as I note them. We're also following the 2022 trend and adding a plus sign after the Audio+ to allude to the one service that isn't audio based.

Allow me to reintroduce you to Under Design's Audio+ Conversion Services!