DIY iPad Stand Mods & Hacks

With the hints of a new version of the iPad soon to be announced (Thinner! 2 docks! 2 Cameras!) I thought I'd take this opportunity to promote my own free offering to those of you who have already bought an iPad, and are looking to save on future expenses.

A couple months back (after I got my own iPad) I posted a free downloadable PDF design of a cardboard iPad stand you could make at home or the office, with little effort.

I've been using my homemade iPad stand for months now, and it's beginning to show a little wear and tear (the front ears are quite distressed) it's still working like a charm. I've also noted a few other things:

Undiscovered Benefit #1

The back pocket of space provided by my design is perfect for the other stuff you need with your iPad. I store a pair of headphones, my Square card Reader, and a Mini-Amplifier/Speakers in the back of my stand all the time.

Undiscovered Benefit #2 (requires a Hack)

I'd also picked up a cheap bluetooth keyboard from my friends in China at DealExtreme that looks strikingly similar to an Apple keyboard, and with a tiny modification to my previous design, I can now store the keyboard out of sight but easily accessible. You'll note, I turn off the keyboard's power when not in use. The iPad pressing against the keys in this case might trigger keyboard presses, so be aware of the functions of your keyboard!

The Tiny Hack

In our previous design, the cardboard spine was cut straight back. Click here to see a picture of the back from the previous design. All we need to do now is cut the back to get a 90 degree angle, so we can hang the back lip of the keyboard over the newly created hook!

To the left below is a side view of the stand. To the right is a view from behind. You can see the two prongs of the back spine now hook under the keyboard, and support it.

Work Placement - All Accessories Deployed!

When I'm in work mode on the iPad, I deploy all the accessories: Put the keyboard in front, point the Amplifier to my head (I'm going deaf, aren't we all...), and start working!

Final Placement - the DIY iPad Stand In Daily Use

Here it is, propped next to my main machine's work monitor, in a nearby accessible space on my desk, with all the usual accouterments stored underneath, and the keyboard stored behind it. I find I still rarely use the keyboard, but when I do, I can get a lot of writing done.

Download my free D.I.Y. iPad Stand right now!