Christmas Eve in Jewtopia

By Andrew Davidson
on January 3, 2010

Here we are already in 2010, and I'm catching up on posts from last year! Oh well...

My good friend Hadas invited me to join her and a handful of other jewish folk to go see a Christmas Eve performance of Jewtopia at the famed Kimmel Center in Philadelphia.

Always in for a trip inside one of Philadelphia's greatest new landmarks, the Kimmel Center is lovely!

Inside on the great wall just at the entrance was The Kimmel Center's Resolution Wall banner asking visitors “In 2010 I will...” and allowing them to leave their handwritten notes in Sharpie pen.

Post Show Dinner!

Afterward, the group of people I attended the show with went out to dinner at a nearby restaurant (which was open, much to my surprise, and not chinese!). My good friend Hadas managed to get a picture of the entire table and post it online. I've retouched and re-sized photoshopped it here for posterity.

Dinner for 8 on Christmas Eve 2009

A minute later, one of the writers/performers from Jewtopia, Bryan Fogel joined us for dinner, much to our amusement, and Hadas's good instinct to invite them to dinner with us.

All in all, I had a lot of fun, and no church!