Wallet-Friendly Skeleton Stowaway Holder

By Andrew Davidson
on July 9, 2018

Wallet-Friendly Skeleton Stowaway Holder

I bought a set of lockpicking tools (also known as skeleton keys) that I never carried with me, as the case they came in was too bulky. I've made similar wallet carriers like this before, and saw a perfect opportunity to add my (potentially illegal) set of lockpicking tools in my wallet for an everyday carry.

I recommend using the thinnest paper you can find, and run it through the laminating machine 2 or 3 times if possible, at different angles of entry. The instructions are right on the printout and are very easy to follow. We've also got a similar design for Septa (Bus 22mm) Tokens, and Regular Old House Keys.

I will point out these tools are thin and flimsy, and require a very light touch with a well-practiced hand. At least you can save face by saying you're not unprepared, just unskilled.


Download the free PDF File

Rollover the graphic to Zoom into Instructions, Click here or on the graphic above to download free PDF design to your desktop (23kb).