Using Wood Glue to Deep Clean Vinyl Records

By Andrew Davidson
on March 26, 2010

Found this odd picture on the internet, where the author obviously endorses using wood glue, spread in a thin, even coat over your records and allowed to dry as the best method to really deep-clean your vinyl records. You can click the image below to zoom in.

Most impressive is the before and after example photos:

The Bad News

Sure, it works. But it has many disadvantages:

  1. Wood Glue isn't cheap
  2. Takes 12-24 hours to dry
  3. You can only clean one side of the Vinyl at a time

Honestly, the better (cheaper and quicker) solution is to simply wash the record in the kitchen sink using a small amount of dish washing liquid. If you don't let it soak, I wouldn't worry to much about the label - it'll be OK for the minute you wash it. You can even use a sponge to scrub the vinyl's dirtiest spots, and get off caked on dirt (spilled soda). If you wash it quick, and towel-dry it immediately after, the label will be unaffected. I've gotten very similar results under a minute in the sink. No wasted glue, hours of wasted time, and potential mess.