My Favorite ATM and Why!

By Andrew Davidson
on January 25, 2010

Seems every MAC ATM machine these days is charging you upwards of $3 to take out cash. In an effort to get customers to switch to more popular bank branches with more ATM's, everyone's including an enforced 1-5% tax on every cash withdraw. Well, in the interest of saving my hard-earned money, I search out the 'good' ATM's of Philadelphia. This may require a bit more legwork from the average city-dweller, but in this poor economy, every dollar counts!

PNC Bank Stand-up ATM
inside Jefferson University's Alumni Hall

1020 Locust St. (Between 10th and 11th Streets in Center City Philadelphia)

Screen Evidence

Cash proof

Accessibility and Comfort:

Indoors, but just inside the exit vestibule of the building. The lobby is heated. You enter through one set of doors, pass through 2 more, use the ATM, then exit through a fourth set. It's a bunch of doors, but no one will bother you coming or going, and it has a lot of traffic going through the building during the day with students and classes.


School Campus Security is stationed within 20 feet of the front door. Feeling like your being followed? Step inside for a safe stop! Also, the section of the vestibule is vacant with exception of the ATM. Anyone in the same room is waiting for the ATM, too.

Minimum Withdraw:

$5. It's not a default option, but it does dispense $5 bills. Perfect for the students who hit this ATM on the regular! Of course, what you can buy for $5 is another problem altogether!

Finance Charge:

$0! Free! Na-da! Zilch! PNC Bank used to offer a similar no-ATM Charge at local Wawa's (maybe still do...?) But with Wawa closing franchises all over center city Philadelphia, it's hard to find a cheap ATM!