Flashback 1960 - Day Planner Page with Reel-to-Reel Note

By Andrew Davidson
on March 19, 2024

From inside a 7" reel box submitted to our Reel-to-Reel to CD Conversion Service. This throwback to yesteryear (May 19, 1960, to be exact) is a quick nostalgia trip to the paper day planners of old, well before the modern cloud calendaring we are all obligated to adopt. Cutting edge technology at the time, you'll note you can see through the thin paper and the back of this single sheet is for March 20th, and the numbers in the bottom footer indicate days passed and remaining in the calendar year. Obviously seated in a center-mounted 2-ring binder that allowed you to page left and right through your calendar, and set day-by-day appointments up until years end.

From our original PDF scan