Octopus Cruelty Awareness Poster - Free PDF Download!

By Andrew Davidson
on October 24, 2018


Inspired by this witty hand-drawn poster, I thought it could use a professional clean-up and suitable packaging to allow other office pranksters torment their office. I've dusted off my design skills and generated a free design for you to download and print at your office!

Since cruelty to animals is the first warning sign of later delinquency, violence, and criminal behavior, this poster can serve as a warning sign of potential psychopaths in your workplace.

Simply download our free PDF file and print it 100% on letter sized paper (8.5" x 11"). Cut eight slots around the 'Yes's on the bottom (round the bottom of each tab to really sell them as legs), then tack it up on your office lunch bulletin board and watch as your new pet octopus slowly loses all his legs to the cruel, cruel world.

Octopus Cruelty Awareness Poster Download PDF
Octopus Cruelty Awareness Poster


Thankfully, there's a short url printed on the octopus' shoulder, which will allow anyone else to come to this very page and download their own copy of the PDF file and waste company resources printing office pranks and jokes for the delight (and subtle evaluations) that ensue!

Special thanks to ShrinkPDF for tossing 95% of the garbage in the file for much tinier PDF files in one visit, and TinyJPG for compressing my graphics for quick downloads. There's plenty more where this came from...